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 About us
 Brief of president

    KLAS was finished building and put into production in 2002, it is a private joint-stock enterprise that designs and makes large and medium sets of ASPpressure vesselheat exchangercompressorcryogenic valves etc, it covers science research and development technology consultengineering erection and commissioning, is a key enterprise and one member of China General Machinery Industry Association .
    KLAS has two factories, the old is located in Yuwangtai district, Kaifeng; the new factory is located in Jinming district, Kaifeng, which was finished building in 2006, it cost about 100,000,000RMB. To now, the company has 360 employees or so, over 300 equipments for production and inspection. At the same time the company invested about 10,000,000RMB to buy computers software and hardware for process and pressure vessel calculation,designing air compressor and pipingstress analysis and drawing, so as to build CAD application item. What it did has owned obvious technology advantages and got splendid achievements in China.

    KLAS has perfect quality guarantee system license for pressure vessel designed and manufacturedpressure pipe fixed,
and was through ISO9001:2000 quality guarantee system. The company has rights to import and export and is the first
private enterprise to export ASP in China. It has gain good reputation at home and abroad.
   KLAS insists on the principle: quality being as the basement; strengthening the company and enriching the employees;
obeying the credit and being in harmony with customers; creating the future. The company is willing to serve the
customers in the filed of metallurgy,petrochemicalfertilizer and so on, and build two-win cooperation relationship
and create bright and colorful future!
 KLAS insists on the management idea: gain the market depending on quality; gain the customer depending on the credit. The company constantly makes the management perfect, and improve the products quality , and provide good products and considerate service for the customers in the filed of metallurgypetrochemicalfertilizer and so on, and build two-win cooperation relationship and create bright and colorful future!

   Technical Power

KLAS implements the strategy: develop the key technology; innovate the pillar product. The company implements CAD
application item by the means of information. The company strengthens the ability of innovation and development by
means of element analysisimitating to manufacture and engineering application, and has gained obvious technology
advantages and splendid achievements in China.

  1. Piping in the Rectifying Column
  2. Engineering Piping
  3. Sets of Air Separation Plant

 KLAS regards innovation being outline, self-strengthening being soul as the its spirit, keeps up with trend of the words development in ASP, develops new products and technology from time to time, provides high-quality products and considerate service to the customers. It firstly accomplishes all-distillation recovering argon in the mode of 2000ASP and 6000ASP in the private companies in China, internal-compressed process in the mode of 15000ASP, all the products above are advanced in the word. Air separation plants made by KLAS have been all over China.

   KLAS has provided more than 50 sets of ASP in the following mode :440m3/h750m3/h1500m3/h2000m3/h3200m3/h3800m3/h4500m3/h6500m3/h7500m3/
h10000m3/h12000m3/h15000m3/h, adopting the process of molecular sieve
pre-purifying booster expanderlarge internal compressedstructured packing
columnall-distillation recovering argon and DCS. The units have the
advantages of low power consumptionhigh extraction ratesafety and reliability
and easy operation. The ability of designing and manufacturing is up to
top level in China. KLAS gains not only good evaluation from Chinese customers
in the field of meltingpetrochemicalfertilizer, but also reputation in the world.
   KLAS exported 2000m3/h ASP to Vietnam in 2004, which was designed and manufactured
by itself and adopted non-hydrogen recovering argon process. It made KLAS the first
air separation enterprise in China. KLAS provided 6500 m3/h ASP to Taigang Company
in Vietnam, it is the biggest ASP exported to Vietnam from China at moment.


TEL: 0086-378-3167888 FAX: 0086-378-268999 E-mail:hwsswhhws@163.com 

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